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Amanada Turner

Hatha & Somatic Yoga Teacher – Slightly wild, passionate, purposeful, heartfelt peace seeker.

Amanda has had the privilege of training & guidance from some incredible people within the wellness sector and yoga community: From Hatha practices, Restorative, Transformational Breathwork, Self-Development Coaching & continuously attending extensive ‘Functional Anatomy’ courses with the likes of Doctor Yogi, Matthew Huy and Jambo Dragon, Judith Hanson Lasater.

Self-study is essential to her growth and ability to be a be a better teacher. The 2021 pandemic saw a further study in Yoga Therapy for Insomnia & Sleep Recovery with Lisa Sanfilippo.

She welcomes all opportunities to learn and grow in this life and to share her teachings with the wider community. To step into the possibility of ‘Being rather than Doing,’ holding space for those that seek a nugget of peace from the surrounding chaos. To teach individuals that they can truly source these moments inside themselves if they just stop, pause, and give oneself life’s greatest precious gift, time.


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