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Amanda Taylor

Ballet Be Fit Teacher

Classical Ballet and Ballet Be Fit Instructor, Amanda provides weekly dance and fitness classes, for all ages, in Bucks and Oxon.

After dancing in all styles for the majority of her life Amanda gained her certification in Ballet Be Fit during lockdown. She went on to provide online and then in person classes in her local area.

Recognising the whole body fitness benefits that dancing brings, Amanda, with Ballet Be fit classes, helps people to build muscle strength, core and posture stability, with toning and flexibility gains. Amanda also helps with goal setting and planning for personal targets, understanding the need to maintain strength and balance and a range of movement as we move through life.

Other benefits from Ballet Be Fit classes that Amanda particularly enjoys is the recognition of a whole hour of “Me Time” away from the demands of normal life, where you can think of nothing else other than the movement of your whole body. Amanda firmly believes in the need to balance the body and mind and has trained in the use of Bach Flower Remedies for emotional support, Reiki whole body balancing and healing and also promotes clean and toxin free skincare as a Tropic Ambassador.

Her harmonising approach is brought together as Totum Te- Whole You.


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