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What you'll need

Here’s our quick guide to pulling together what you'll need for yoga classes.

Functional yoga clothing is stretchy, breathable, and somewhat form-fitting. Find something you are comfortable in that keeps your attention on your practice instead of adjusting your outfit. Just check it doesn't go see-through when wet and sweaty! 


Ladies: Wear lycra sports shorts, athletic bra tops or leotard.

Gentlemen: Wear lycra bike-style shorts or sports shorts. Some men prefer to wear a T-shirt or singlet as well, but most want to take them off during class.


Bare skin allows your body to release heat more easily, so wear the minimal clothing you are comfortable with.


Avoid track suit pants and T-shirts if you can as they become heavy when sweating.


Bring a large bottle of water with you. You can refill it here. 

Bring a large towel (bath size) for your class to cover your mat if you get particularly sweaty. Grip mat towels are perfect mat coverage for Hot Yoga. Fresh towels available to hire for class or post class shower for £1

Bring a yoga mat. Your yoga mat is your most important piece of equipment. Yogis have close personal relationships with their mats, so you'll want to make the most informed decision you can when you're picking one out. Pay close attention to what your mat is made out of since this affects its longevity, ecological impact, and price tag. 'Yogamatters' mats available to purchase at the studio.

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