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Jilli Broadhurst

Hot Power Vinyasa (Baptiste: Journey into Power), Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and a developing interest in Somatics.

Jilli Broadhurst came to a consistent yoga practice late in life. She is not sure whether she found it or it found her. What she does know is that she had dabbled with various yoga classes in the past, but it wasn’t until she attended classes with Sasha Norton that she saw the physical benefits of a strong asana practice. That was 21 years ago, so one might say she is coming of age. During this time, the practice of yoga has sustained and steadied her through the highs and lows of life.

Initially, Jilli trained as a Hot Power Vinyasa instructor, focusing on the Baptiste ‘Journey in Power’ sequence. She undertook the 200-hour teacher training to teach asana, and yet it has led to a journey of possibility, inspiration, and discovery both on and off the mat. Ultimately, this spoke to her, as off the mat, she has a love of learning and being true to oneself and one's heart. This dovetailed nicely into her already existing career as a certified business coach, facilitator, and chartered accountant. She also loves to tell stories.

Since then, to create equanimity alongside the yang practice of vinyasa, Jilli has become certified in Yin yoga (100 hours with Sarah Lo), Hatha Yoga and Restorative yoga (200 hours and 50 hours with Deborah Berryman), and attended a couple of workshops on Yoga Nidra teaching. She has run her own yoga business, teaching regular classes and retreats. For now, though, with this wide and extensive training, she can be found as the ‘cover girl’ for the Yoga Barn.

Always in transition into a more yogic lifestyle, Jilli invites others to share this journey with her as a student/teacher of life.

Instagram: @jillib27


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