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Sophie Free

Yoga teacher - Vinyasa Flow, Inside Flow

She’s a peace loving, happiness seeking, yoga devoted Mummy!

Sophie came rather reluctantly to yoga in 2004 after her life as a professional dancer had left her pretty physically broken. It was yoga or bust as her osteopath kindly put it!

There was certainly a physical transformation very quickly, but more than that, the mental clarity and focus that came along with the practice was completely unexpected.

After 5 years of dedicated hot yoga practice and having retired from her professional dancing career, Sophie completed a yoga teacher training course with YogaHaven where she discovered vinyasa flow yoga and her mind was officialy blown! A consistent vinyasa flow practice has been physically freeing, mentally joyful and emotionally liberating for Sophie – a real life saver and game changer!

Sophie’s passion now is in designing effective, creative sequences and making them accessible to ANYONE and EVERYONE who walks through the door. Sophie has built such a wonderful yoga community through Freedom Yoga with her students and also reaching wider into the yoga teaching community through her more advanced classes at Freedom Yoga club and the beautiful annual community event that is Festival Freedom.

Fiercely committed to continuing her yoga education, Sophie regularly attends workshops and courses to keep deepening her knowledge and to stay fresh and inspired.

The seriously fabulous teachers that she has moved mountains to study with since the start of her yoga journey include Kathryn Budig, Taylor Harkness, Bryan Kest, Liz Lark, Stewart Gilchrist, AAdil Palkhivala, Amy Ippoliti, Sean Corn, Jason Crandell, Cat Alip-Douglas and Doug Swenson.

After falling in love with Inside Flow – a rhythmic marriage of breath, yoga asana, choreograhy and music – Sophie completed her teaching certification in the spring of 2023. She is super proud to be part of the global community of Inside Flow and one of the first UK based Inside Flow teachers.

Sophie offers a challenging class full of compassion, plenty of encouragement and a dash of humour.

Instagram: freedomyogachick


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