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Amy Bacon

Yoga teacher - the Hot Classic sequence and Kids’ Yoga Workshops

Amy discovered yoga in 2018 recognising that she needed to bring some calm and balance to mind and body.

Amy was seeking calm and balance to mind and body after experiencing burnout and anxiety working as a secondary school teacher.

After her first few Hot Classic classes Amy was hooked, not only on the physical benefits but the clarity and stillness of mind yoga offered. The more classes she took, the more she recognised the positive impact yoga was having both on and off the mat - encouraging discipline, self-compassion, and inner and outer balance.

In 2021, she decided to embark on her Yoga Teacher Training in Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, relishing the opportunity to delve into the ancient practice of yoga and its asanas and breathwork, and anatomy and injury modification in a supportive environment.

Since qualifying, Amy now teaches at a variety of studios, teaching the Hot Classic sequence and Kids’ Yoga Workshops during the school holidays, focusing on helping those practising overcome mental and physical barriers in a safe and nurturing environment.


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