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Jess Heslop

Meditation & Visualisation Leader

Jess helps her community to create the life they LOVE through the power of guided meditation, visualisation and subconscious mind reprogramming

With over 80 million views across her YouTube channels and years of unwavering dedication to harnessing the power of the mind, Jess is a Mindset and Meditation Coach who uses Subconscious Mind Reprogramming techniques and Guided Meditation to help others create MEGA ABUNDANT lives.

So if you have always wanted to manifest more abundance in your life, whether it be health, wealth, relationships, career, happiness, peace, gratitude - anything, you name it, then join Jess for her rare in-person Guided Meditations at the Yoga Barn. Every fortnight is a new theme of abundance so come and join and start creating the life of joy and abundance you DESERVE.

Jessica founded my two YouTube channels to offer YOU the SAME TOOLS she used to transform her life. Every track create incorporates powerful mind-shift techniques to eliminate your negative thought-patterns, replacing them with ones of EMPOWERMENT and POSITIVITY - so that YOU TOO can achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

It is your birthright to be happy, loved, fulfilled and at peace - it is your birthright to have everything your heart desires - to have your dream job, your dream relationship, your dream health, your dream home, your dream friends, your dream wealth. You deserve this life and absolutely nothing less.

Instagram: jessiceheslop  


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