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Tessa Rohrig

Yin Yoga Masterclass Leader

Originally from Amsterdam, Tessa brings over twenty years of Yin and Bikram/ Hatha yoga experience.

Since accreditation from the Bikram Yoga College of India in Los Angeles and the Yin Yoga programme in Singapore, Tessa has developed and shared her skills extensively across the US, Asia, and Europe. Represented various international yoga/sports brands (Nike, Lululemon, Sweaty Betty) and guided many professional athletes, like Serena Williams, NY Jets, Miami Dolphins, and the New York Ballet through their yoga practice and rehabilitation programme.

Tessa’s yoga journey has evolved over the years. It combines a dynamic, strength & alignment focused yang practice with a softer, more personal, and balanced yin practice. This combination has helped Tessa develop her style into one that is softer, intuitive, and more aligned to the sensations and needs of the individual body.

Yin is a slow paced style of yoga where postures are held for between 3 to 5 minutes. Some of the benefits of this deeply meditative practice include reduced stress and anxiety, increased circulation, flexibility and improved joint mobility through fascia release.

A Yin class is the perfect way to find space in the body, soothe the nervous system and be guided deeper into your practice.

Instagram: tessa_rohrig


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